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Fishing Industry

The advantages of the SICON closed belt conveyor system are fully evident on ships used by the fish industry. Its closed construction shields the pellets from environmental influences. Due to its ability to negotiate bends with radii of less than one meter and inclines with angles up to 35°, SICON can achieve the required routing configurations even in the tightest of spaces, and without the need for transfer stations. Thus, it is currently the only belt conveyor system capable of transporting the fish feed pellets without a transfer station. Furthermore, SICON conveys the fish feed pellets with extra care, since the belt cushions and settles the conveyed material at the feeding point, due to its elasticity.

Myre, Norway

Salmon farms have gained acceptance for the controlled farming of salmon in Norwegian fjords. The fish are fed with feed pellets, which largely consist of pressed fishmeal. These pellets are transported to salmon farms on special ships. The conveyor system is capable of transporting bulk materials on both the forward and the return run. The roller sets supporting and guiding the belt can be arranged side by side or vertically. System routing can also easily be made circular. Another advantage is the belt’s self-cleaning properties: At the discharge point, two discs guide the profiles of the opened SICON conveyor belt. Bulk material residue is loosened and removed by the resulting flexing movement of the slightly troughed conveyor belt

Conveyor System

SICON S1000/1400


3 Weeks

Wow Factor

Only 4 special ships in Norway have this capability.
Port to Offshore Fish Farms