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Amid the tight margins of commodity prices there are interesting quirks and features that we can bring to the Mining industry give back to your bottom line.

Little known facts about the SICON conveyor belt is that it comes with an energy-optimised cover that can reduce the amount of energy a conveyor belt system consumes by up to 20%. If that didn’t draw the attention of your CFO then here’s another nugget up for discussion – the SICON conveyor generates energy during downhill transport. This makes conveyance systems more economical and reduces the environmental impact. These are gigantic opportunities for mining companies to take advantage of.

Gallivare, Sweden

A structural engineering and design for the system was jointly provided by Kramtec & Co. In the process, the main loading point onto the new SICON conveyor is from a sidewall conveyor which lifts the material on 700m inclination to approximately 70 metres above the ground.

The material is then conveyed through the existing plant to the outside of the building, on top of the first silo. Here there is an intermediate discharge station where the material can either be fed into silo 1 or can re-feed itself and carry the material onto the top of silo 2 where the final discharge occurs. From there the belt runs empty back to silo 1 where a bucket elevator allows the material to be taken out of the silo again from the bottom, lifted on top of the silo and fed back into the SICON conveyor.

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2.5KM Belt
700m incline
70m Working at Heights